Project - NFT Distribution

24 March 2023

Flexiwall for temperature control


  • Company: NFT Distribution
  • Location: Tilbury Docks Warehouse
  • Overview: Partitioning of chilled warehouse due to temperature control (2 week timescale)
  • Solution: Flexiwall




Westgate Global was called in by NFT Distribution to create a partition in a new build chilled warehouse at Tilbury Docks. This requirement had been driven by a new contract that required part of the existing warehouse to operate at a colder temperature. The temperature of the primary area of the warehouse was 2 degrees, they needed to create another area within the warehouse with a deep chill temperature of -2 degrees.


The task in itself is something that Westgate Global are used to and have implemented many times in the past. The special requirement on this job was that NFT Distribution needed to have the partition in place within two weeks to meet production demands.

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