• Floor to ceiling; any height and length

  • No mess, quick/easy installation

  • Minimal floor space required

  • Fire rated material options available

  • Easily reconfigure, remove or relocate

  • Customised to meet business needs


Flexiwall is a unique floor-to-ceiling partition wall for factories and warehouses. Manufactured in heavy duty reinforced fire rated material, it is quick and clean to install and primarily used in tall industrial buildings to divide space for a wide range of applications.

Flexiwall helps manufacturing and warehouse facilities prevent dust, manage temperature, control noise, avoid cross contamination, reduce heat loss, create additional space and much more.

Installing a Flexiwall can avert the need and expense of new facilities by remodelling existing spaces. Offering multiple benefits over traditional partitioning methods, it is quicker and cleaner to install and can even be reconfigured, removed or relocated should business needs evolve.

Flexiwall takes up minimal floor space, can be designed to fit any size and shape of building and easily installs around existing ducts and pipework.

Installation (and demount) offers minimal disruption. Panels are assembled onsite and suspended to the existing structure or additional fabricated steel work before being tensioned/fixed to the floor, so there is no need for additional intermediate support framework.

Flexiwall can be adapted to suit various business requirements including high-level part-height suspended solutions. Plus due to the material’s waterproof properties, Flexiwall can also be used for external applications when combined with wind load straps.

If you require a retractable access solution within your partition, see our range of industrial curtains for factories and warehouses.

Explore our full range of temporary and permanent partition walls, perfect for a variety of applications.

• Dust prevention; between processes. For temporary dust control during maintenance or civil works, take a look at our temporary dust screens guide.
• Temperature control; varying temperature zones for product storage, product processes and employee H&S
• Storage and production segregation
• Creation of new designated areas
• Contamination control, including odour/tainting in goods storage
• Noise reduction and fume control
• Close off redundant areas to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency
• Enclose mezzanine floors
• Enclose external canopies to create additional storage areas or to control draughts/dust
• Create machine and robotics enclosures
• Use in conjunction with Anchorwall or Hoardfast when a solid base is required
• Create external airlocks when used in conjunction with a Fastflex fast action door
• Create a part-height high-level non-obstructive suspended partition, to act as a reservoir to allow dust, steam or smoke to pool, enhancing efficient extraction, or function as static smoke curtains

Material composite: Main product is polyester reinforced fire-retardant fabric with PVC coatings. We also supply a non-combustible woven glass fabric with PU coating (*range of base fabric and coatings depending on your requirement)
Material weight: between 340gsm-840gsm
Tensile strength: between 340N-4000N / 50mm
Tear strength: between 80N-850N
Material fire rating examples: BS 5867:2008 Part 2 Type A & B, Warrington Certifire TS62 & TS63, En13501-1 A2s1do, EN13501-1 Bs2d0, EN13501-1 Cs2d0 (*subject to material specification, all fire ratings supplied at quote stage)
Operating temperature: between -40 / +500 degree centigrade – dependent on fabric type

What are your lead times?
Due to the bespoke nature of our products lead times vary. However, because we manage our own in-house contracts team, we are able to provide you with an accurate and up to date lead time at point of enquiry.

How do I establish if my building structure can support your system?
Westgate provide full design support and system specific calculations that can be used to establish this.

Where are your products manufactured?
Our products are manufactured and quality controlled in the UK.

How do I overcome wind load requirements?
Westgate evaluate site specific wind load requirements and as part of the design process. Where high wind loads are an issue additional features can be built in to the design.

Can I add corporate branding to my system?
Yes, Westgate Global can provide coloured panels matched as closely as possible to the company’s RAL code. We can also provide company logos, either printed directly on the wall or on removable panels.