• Fixed steel
    partition wall

  • Minimal floor
    space required

  • Range of

  • Range of
    panel sizes

  • Door options
    and accessories

  • Fire rated panels
    on request


Anchorwall is a part-height steel partition wall system. Typically used in manufacturing, production and warehouse environments, Anchorwall is a robust and sturdy long term solution when dividing open areas and creating enclosed work areas. It can also be reconfigured and/or relocated as business needs change.

Anchorwall is a fixed part-height steel partition available in a single skin, double skin, mesh or perforated finish. Modular system design allows for clean and quick installations. Typical panel heights are available from 2.4m to 3m (or can be custom-made to suit your requirements).

Single skin offers a lighter weight alternative to the double skin option and is ideal when a smooth finish is only required to a single side. The double skin system offers sound reduction and can also be supplied in a fire-rated version on request. Mesh systems retain visibility and light transit. Anchorwall has a comprehensive range of accessories, finishes, colours, door, glazing, and insulation options.

• Fixed solid partition to separate different operational processes or machines/equipment
• Security segregation to secure high value goods or provide restricted access zones for (e.g. for chemicals and liquids storage)
• Subdivide storage areas
• Create enclosed work areas
• Create factory floor site offices
• Create clean rooms
• Create anti-collapse mesh screen racking panels
• Create part-height pedestrian walkways
• Used part-height to create a solid base, with Flexiwall above to deliver a floor-to-ceiling partition in tall buildings

Panel composites: Full steel; steel/glass/steel; steel/glass; fully glazed; steel/mesh/steel
Paint finishes: electrostatically powder coated in the following standard colours; light/medium/dark grey; sandstone; white; stone
Panel heights: between 2400mm – 3000mm
Panel widths: 1000mm
Panel thickness: between 43mm – 47mm (mesh constructed from weld mesh 50x50x3mm (10g) spot welded to frame)
Fire rating: Double skin: fire rated (on request) to BS476:Part22:1987
Sound reduction: Double skin: noise reduction (as standard) between 28db – 32db

What colours are available?
Standard colours available are white, grey (3 different shades) and sandstone (2 different shades).

Are panels insulated?
As standard, panels are not insulated, however the double skin Anchorwall solution can be supplied with insulation. Insulation does not come as standard.

Is the product fire rated?
The mesh and single skin options do not carry fire rating. The double skin option can be fire rated to BS476 – 6 & 7 class 0 fire rating on request. Fire rating does not come as standard, only on request.