Insights - Creating a temperature controlled warehouse in a simple and cost-effective way

24 March 2023

Flexiwall industrial partitioning fitted floor-to-ceiling in large warehouse


Whilst our products are used to provide an array of different solutions, one of the most common uses of Westgate Global’s Flexiwall is to help create temperature controlled environments in warehouses.


The need for temperature controlled environments is common in warehousing, especially within those storing food and pharmaceutical products, which are often sensitive to changes in temperature. 40% of global food output requires refrigeration.


Many businesses find they need to make changes to their existing set up due to an increase in demand, either temporarily due to seasonal changes, or permanently which sees them adjusting how they operate. Introducing new products or services to the business is also a common reason for needing to maximise existing space and store products at differing temperatures. It is also not uncommon now for businesses to use third party logistics, and for the warehouse facilities to be housing products for multiple clients, which also may have different storage temperature requirements.


How can I maximise existing space?


Creating a temperature controlled area within an existing space is often preferable for a number of reasons. Maximising existing space is more cost-effective than renting another warehouse or storage facility, which would be an additional expense. Extra staff may need to be employed too. It may also not be operationally smart to separate functions into two different buildings. More often than not delivering dual functions under the same roof is the desirable option as it’s much more efficient.


Additionally, creating a tightly-sealed temperature controlled enclosure means that only that particular area needs to be either ambient, air conditioned, refrigerated or cold/frozen, rather than the entire warehouse or building; saving on energy usage to reduce both the environmental impact and cost to the business.


Use a semi-permanent fabric partition wall


Flexiwall, our adaptable fabric partition wall, is an ideal accompaniment to your temperature controlled warehouse setup. Not only is the wall fitted precisely to the building’s profile, the panels which make up the Flexiwall are joined with our unique v-overlap method and can be manufactured from materials with thermal properties, enabling adjacent areas to operate at different temperatures. The panels are also non-conductive, which means minimum condensation build up.


Other key benefits of Flexiwall include:

  • Quick installation – this saves on business downtime
  • Installs to any height and width – meaning even the most awkward spaces can be accommodated
  • Clean installation – the system creates less dust and mess than other types of partitions such as timber stud or masonry
  • Minimal floor space is required – install in tight spaces, between racking etc. to make the most of usable space
  • Relocatable – whilst Flexiwall is a semi-permanent fixture, it is easily relocatable should needs change
  • Access options – Westgate Global can incorporate access options to provide an integrated solution
  • Branding – Flexiwall can be designed with corporate logos and colours


See how our customers have created temperature controlled environments with Flexiwall


Take a look at the work we completed for Great Bear, to control temperature and tainting between storage of chocolate and soup products. NFT also used Flexiwall to enable them to operate part of their existing warehouse at a colder temperature.