Insights - Temporary building and dust screen for construction work within manufacturing environments

24 March 2023
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Flexiscreen used for dust prevention in a live construction environment


Dust management within an active construction site

Construction work is often a necessity within manufacturing environments and comes in the form of upgrading processes and machines, extend buildings or improving efficiencies in line with any industry or technological developments.

Despite what some may assume, construction work doesn’t have to be a major disruption and it can take place within live environments without operations coming to a halt.

One of the major concerns for project managers during temporary works is dust control and contamination. Construction dust can not only be dangerous for employees working within the facility, but can contaminate products as well as damaging equipment.

The prospect of containing dust can seem quite overwhelming, but with the right solution it couldn’t be simpler…


A simple, flexible solution

Temporary dust screening prevents the transfer of construction dust and maintains the live production environment, minimising disruption to work and overall productivity. It’s possible to either enclose the entire construction activity, or alternatively separate the active part of the factory from the construction activity.

Both can be easily done with Flexiscreen; a temporary floor-to-ceiling screen used to contain dust during construction, flooring, installation and extension works within live manufacturing and warehouse environments.

Flexiscreen’s unique v-overlap system and tight seal around ducts, pipes, steel work and at ceiling level ensures an over 99% dust tight seal.

This temporary flexible screen can be used in a variety of different settings. It can be used to screen off production line installations to prevent cross contamination in a live manufacturing facility, especially useful in food manufacturing environments.

It can be used as a dust containment measure during flooring and drainage works, or can be used to create an enclosure around areas where the roof needs to be removed, for temperature and contamination prevention.

Benefits of Flexiscreen include:

  • Quick installation processes: maintain your existing production schedules
  • Design and installation to suit any height and width (subject to survey)
  • Unique v-overlap and installation methods create an over 99% dust tight seal
  • Suspended panel-based system: requires no supporting structure as suspended from existing building structure
  • Manufactured in the UK, for quick turnaround
  • Wind load calculations and designs available for external walls or high wind load areas

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