• Quick, clean,
    easy installation

  • Reconfigure, relocate and reuse

  • Smart

  • Express delivery

  • Recyclable and sustainable

  • Hire or

Hoardfast uPVC

Hoardfast uPVC is a quick-to-install, clean, internal hoarding system used during fit out, refurbishment and construction projects. The smart looking modular walling is widely used to create internal office and welfare spaces, or to contain dust and noise, acting as a barrier screen between the public and live projects. Supplied ready to install, Hoardfast uPVC saves contractors valuable set up time on site compared to traditional methods.

Hoardfast uPVC can be installed part-height free-standing with a range of support and stability options for crowd loading, or fixed floor-to-ceiling (up to 5m as standard). Free-standing support prevents floor damage – no floor fixings required (below 3m).

Used as a temporary screen or to create internal site accommodation, Hoardfast uPVC comes in a range of heights and systems are available for purchase or hire, depending on your requirement. The tongue and groove connection ensures a tight seal for contamination and dust spread prevention, improving safety in live environments.

The clean, bright white finish helps to maintain overall retail/office/airport appearance, and enhances customer experience by fitting seamlessly into any environment, especially with graphics application.

Hoardfast uPVC is a sustainable product – panels are manufactured from 85% recycled materials, and are recycled when reaching end of usable life. The lightweight panels can be easily taken down, moved and reinstalled for phased works and across multiple projects.

Optional extras include doors, vision panels and installation. All standard stock is dispatched using an express delivery service.

• Create internal site offices and welfare spaces during inner city fit out and refurbishment projects
• Free-standing or floor-to-ceiling internal screen for fit out and maintenance projects
• Floor-to-ceiling dust tight screen during fit out and refurbishment works in live retail, office and airport environments
• Create temporary areas (e.g. changing rooms in retail, toilet cubicles within site accommodation)

Material composite: 85% recycled uPVC, 15% virgin uPVC, grey hollow fluted internal and solid white micro ridged external face

Connecting method: Tongue and groove

Panel fire rating: BS476 Part 7 Class 1 (Spread of Flame) and EN13501-1 C s3 d0 (35mm only)

Acoustic properties: Up to 27dB reduction in sound (insulation)

Thermal insulation (U-Value): 2.95 W/m2K (35mm profile), 2.43 W/m2K (50mm profile) *Theoretically calculated

Standard panel heights: 1.12m, 2.25m, 2.7m, 3m (free-standing) / 4m, 5m (floor-to-ceiling)

Panel width: 0.5m

Panel thickness: 35mm (up to 2.7m), 50mm (3m-5m)

Support options: Floor-to-ceiling; supplied with u-channel fixings or Free-standing; equal, offset, universal, bolt down

Do you offer weekend and out of hours delivery?
Yes we can offer deliveries to suit your requirements.

Do I need skilled labour to install Hoardfast?
No, Hoardfast is simple to install and is delivered with a full installation guide for first time users.

What are your lead times and stock availability?
We hold a large UK stock and for standard products can deliver next business day.

How do you guarantee the quality of your hire and reusable panels?
All panels are hand cleaned when returned to Westgate (to ensure maximum cleanliness) and graded based on set criteria. A = brand new, B = markings/holes to construction side only and C = markings/holes to both sides. C is our lowest grade and is only supplied on customer request.