• Free-standing modular system

  • Quick installation saves time

  • Easy to reconfigure/relocate

  • 100% reusable and recyclable

  • Easy install on uneven ground

  • Experienced and trusted supplier


Hoardfence is a relocatable and reusable external site hoarding solution. Quick and easy to install, it is free-standing, consisting of a unique uPVC plastic panel with modular support framing and concrete ballast block weight. Hoardfence is the ideal sustainable option to secure and define site boundaries, create project privacy and primarily ensure public safety.

Hoardfence is a quick-to-install, external site hoarding system designed with sustainability in mind. Consisting of uPVC modular panels along with a galvanised support system and concrete block ballasts, it creates a fully re-useable free-standing barrier ideal for use within any location or project.

As standard, we offer full design, supply, project management, delivery, installation and demount services, including structural load calculations to ensure your hoarding meets your exact location requirements.

Hoardfence is suitable for use on all types of construction sites and can accommodate uneven or sloping ground in any direction. Designed to be relocated and reused, it can simply be reconfigured as needs change throughout your project phases or moved on to your next project – meaning zero waste on site. A much more sustainable option than timber hoarding, the panels require no painting or decorating (graphics can easily be applied) and are also recyclable with funds generated from the recycling of panels donated to charity.

• Define site boundaries and create site compounds
• Create project privacy
• Construction site perimeter security and safety barrier, ensure public safety

Panel materials: Co-extruded Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) consisting of 85% recycled material and 15% Virgin material
Panel dimensions: 500mm effective width x 35mm deep
Panel recycling: 100% recyclable (made from 85% recycled plastics)
Panel heights: 2.25m to 2.7m
Post materials: Mild steel fabrication galvanised finish
Post dimensions: RHS to suit wind load calcs and height desired
Post recycling: 100% recyclable
Hoarding depth: 935mm (+25mm) footprint from front of panel to rear of concrete block
Structural calculations: BS6180:2011

FAQs What are your lead times and stock availability?
We hold a large UK stock and for standard products can deliver and install within 1-2 weeks, sometimes sooner where required.

Do you offer Hoardfence for purchase and/or hire?
Yes, we offer both options. Working with your account manager we can help you determine which option is best suited to your requirements and, more commercially viable.

Is Hoardfence designed to meet wind load requirements?
Hoardfence is modular in design and has been designed so that it can be adapted to meet with site specific wind loading requirements. Westgate carries out site specific wind load calculations with our in-house structural engineer for each installation to ensure full compliance is achieved.

Is Hoardfence more sustainable than timber hoarding?
Yes, the Hoardfence system is built on the concept of circular economy. All the components are suitable for reuse multiple times and will never end up in landfill, saving environmental resources and costs.