Manufacturing & Production

Multifunctional customised solutions

Westgate Global design, supply and install a range of multifunctional systems for manufacturing and production businesses of all types. Offering consultation from quote to completion, use our team’s experience and expertise to specify a customised solution to meet your individual project requirements. Our wide range of systems means working with Westgate Global also provides an integrated solution from a single supplier, an advantage over working with multiple suppliers to ensure project timescales are met. All systems are manufactured off-site to minimise installation impact in your facility and enable your continued business production.

Automotive & Aerospace Manufacturing & Production

Westgate Global have worked with the automotive and aerospace sectors for many years to provide solutions to overcome issues with dust, temperature, noise, contamination, process or storage segregation, and more.

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Food & Beverage Manufacturing & Production

We provide a range of hygiene and cross contamination control partitions, screens and curtains for use across both high and low care areas. Our solutions use antibacterial and food grade materials to help you meet BRC requirements, and installation methods are quick and clean to minimise hygiene impact.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Production

Our solutions enable quick, hygienic partitioning for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, with minimal disruption to keep your production moving, and antibacterial materials for safety and compliance.

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General Manufacturing

Westgate Global solutions facilitate factories of all kinds with quick-install, multifunctional systems customised to suit their environment and keep production moving. Our systems are space-saving, clean and hygienic, practical and robust and are adaptable to create a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs.

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