Fit Out & Refurbishment

Quick-to-install hoarding & screens

Westgate Global provide a range of solutions for fit out and refurbishment projects across all sectors. Our versatile internal hoarding range can be used to create site offices and rooms, as well as temporary screening to shield the public or employees from ongoing works and can display corporate branding or instructional signage with graphics applied. The system is reusable and quick and clean to install, saving you time and money. Alternatively, our reinforced fabric dust screen can also be used to shield the public from short or long term renovation and refurbishment works. Suited to any type of environment, this unique screen can be customised to any height and width, ideal for exceptionally tall buildings. With our experience and sector knowledge, our team can help you find the right system for your project’s requirements.

Airport Fit Out & Refurbishment

Westgate Global’s hoarding solutions are used by airports during both short and long-term fit out and construction projects. Our temporary hoarding shields passengers and employees from ongoing works to contain dust, reduce noise and create new areas.

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Healthcare & Hospital Fit Out & Refurbishment

We work with healthcare facilities and hospitals to temporarily segregate spaces during fit out and refurbishment projects to control dust and reduce noise, offering maximum infection prevention and safety with minimal disruption to patients and staff.

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Office & Retail Fit Out & Refurbishment

Our office and retail fit out hoarding solutions are modular in design for quick, unrestricted installation, creating site rooms and welfare facilities or temporary barrier screens to contain dust, reduce noise and separate the public or employees from ongoing works.

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