• Prevent cross-contamination

  • Protect

  • Quick to

  • Fire rated material options available

  • Antibacterial

  • Customised to meet business needs


Flexicurtain is a retractable PVC industrial curtain wall or access point solution. Primarily used as a curtain to provide quick temporary division of an internal area to prevent contamination and overspray during washdown, or to restrict airflow and manage temperature. It can also be used to create booths, access points and divide large areas where regular access is required. Used externally Flexicurtain can provide accessible entry on canopies and enclosures.

Flexicurtain is an internal or external retractable industrial curtain wall, used to provide quick temporary division of an area or create access points.

Using a range of standard fire rated PVC materials, Flexicurtain is designed to your requirements with a number of options including; vision panels, stainless steel tracks, suspended tracks, single run or bi-parting applications and wind load straps (external applications).

This retractable curtain installs quickly and cleanly, is resistance tested against a range of cleaning products, and made with antibacterial materials suitable for food, beverage and packaging environments.

Lightweight materials make the curtain easy to deploy and retract. Floor-to-ceiling design ensures a compete barrier and maximum contamination control. For a complete dust tight seal, pelmets can be installed to fill in voids above the curtain.

Used externally Flexicurtain can offer accessible entry with weather protection on canopies and enclosures.

• Segregation of production lines for washdown processes
• Create a retractable wall which restricts airflow in order to manage temperature
• Prevent cross contamination between production lines
• Temporary retractable segregation where large construction equipment needs access
• Canopy enclosure and weather protection
• Employee protection; welding curtains, spray booths, robot surrounds

Material composite: Main product is polyester reinforced fire-retardant fabric with PVC coatings. We also supply a non-combustible woven glass fabric with PU coating (*range of base fabric and coatings depending on your requirement)
Material weight: between 340gsm-840gsm
Tensile strength: between 340N-3400N / 50mm
Tear strength: between 80N-850N
Material fire rating examples: BS 5867:2008 Part 2 Type A & B, Warrington Certifire TS62 & TS63, En13501-1 A2s1do, EN13501-1 Bs2d0, EN13501-1 Cs2d0 (*subject to material specification, all fire ratings supplied at quote stage)
Operating temperature: between -40 / +70 degree centigrade – dependent on fabric type

What is the fire rating on the materials you use?
There are a number of different fabric options available offering a range of fire ratings from class 0 to A and B. Contact a Westgate Global specialist for full and project specific details.

Can I choose from a range of materials used for fixtures and fittings?
Yes – Westgate Global can supply galvanised steel, stainless steel, zinc plated and nylon fixtures and fittings.

Are the materials used suitable for wet environments?
Yes – all of our curtains have an antibacterial coating on the material.

What are your lead times?
Due to the bespoke nature of our products, lead times vary. However, because we manage our own in-house contracts team, we are able to provide you with an accurate and up to date lead time at point of enquiry.