Insights - Manage rising energy costs by optimising your industrial space

28 July 2023

Manage energy costs


Businesses across the UK are facing big increases in the price of energy. With prices hitting record highs recently, the rising cost of fuel is at the top of the list of the most worrying outcomes of the current crisis for business leaders. And with an average gas bill hike of more than 250% in the last year, it’s no wonder companies are searching for ways to minimise their expenditure.


Switching to eco-friendly equipment, conducting energy audits, turning off equipment overnight and staggering work hours only go so far in reducing energy costs and for some businesses, not all of these options are viable.


With experts warning that energy prices could remain sky high until at least 2030, and the government’s new support package for businesses only taking into account the next 6 months… sitting back and doing nothing just isn’t an option. That’s where we can help.


Our specialist consultants can show you potential ways to help you be more energy efficient through optimising your space – allowing you to maximise your ROI, as over time our solutions pay you back in energy efficiency savings.


According to a study for the Department of Energy & Climate Change there are 48 terawatt hours of heat being wasted by industry. This is simply not something that businesses can afford right now. So the need to improve energy efficiency is becoming more important for all business sectors.


We have a range of innovative solutions that can help you manage your space, and our team can advise on multiple ways to help you to stay in control of rising energy costs…


Divide areas to save money on heating unused space


Flexiwall is a unique non structural, floor-to-ceiling fabric partition wall used to segregate large industrial spaces including warehouses and factories. We have worked with many customers to create partitioning solutions that allow them to heat only the space required, saving them money on heating large open spaces.


Flexiwall can be designed to fit any size and shape of building and will easily install around existing ducts and pipework. Due to this and the product design, Flexiwall creates an airtight seal of over 99%, which is great for maintaining heat or air flow. So by using Flexiwall you can save energy and close off any redundant space to remove heating/energy costs in unused areas.


We used this particular solution to help Marshalls with heat loss reduction. After we installed Flexiwall, they conducted a degree day analysis to normalise the data between the winter period before installation and the winter period after, and found considerable savings. The project is likely to pay back in just over 3 years and save 44 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year from the reduction in natural gas used on site.


Create airlocks to avoid draughts


Fastflex Airlocks are fast action doors with bespoke airlocks that are a guaranteed way to reduce heat loss and save energy by avoiding draughts. They’re available as internal or external industrial fold and roller access solutions, complete with a range of features and benefits to satisfy all requirements.


Install access curtains to control air movement


Flexistrip is a PVC curtain that can create fixed or retractable access points for temperature-controlled areas. Installing Flexistrip stops air movement from one space to another and can help contain heated air in one space to reduce overall energy expenditure and ultimately, cost.


Crucially, the implementation of these solutions supports your ROI – meaning the initial cost will be offset with energy savings over the next couple of years. Basically, you’ll be investing money now to see savings in the long term. A wise investment with energy prices showing no signs of reducing.


If you’re concerned about rising energy costs, we can provide a free consultation to evaluate your industrial space and outline any recommendations we would make that would save you money. Let us help you weather this energy crisis by helping you utilise your space more efficiently.


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