Project - Marshalls

24 March 2023

Flexiwall for heat loss reduction


  • Company: Marshalls
  • Location: Brookfoot, Halifax
  • Overview: Partition current production areas and reduce heat loss
  • Solution: Flexiwall


Fastflex door fitted within a Flexiwall partition with pedestrian access door to the side


Marshalls (the UK’s leading hard landscaping manufacturer) produces a large range of value added paving products and part of the process requires the use of natural gas to cure products; during 2013 the site used over 5 million kWh of natural gas for heating.


Marshalls identified a project to reduce heat loss in one of Brookfoot’s manufacturing departments;

  • A number of holes for product entry and exit which meant cold air ingress
  • A mixer deck where hot air rises into and is not where required
  • A curing area would be difficult to completely seal


Marshalls had already assessed the cost of rebuilding the department which proved to be cost prohibitive. Westgate Global consulted with Marshalls and designed a Flexiwall solution that would be able to partition the current production and curing areas without the need for redevelopment. The design, made from durable PVC panels and connected together with a unique v-overlap system was able to work with the existing building structure and proved to be much more cost effective then alternative building methods. The final design also included two Fastflex fast acting doors to ensure product could be moved efficiently between the production and curing area.

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