• Maintain up to 50% natural light

  • Heat reduction
    up to 53%

  • Quick

  • No lasting damage
    to building

  • Bespoke bracket
    for secure grip

  • 10 year panel guarantee


Easipanel is a reflective roof light cover system designed to reduce heat, glare and UV from entering via roof lights. Prevent product spoiling or fading, manage temperature and maintain health and safety, with no lasting damage to the existing roof lights or roof.

Easipanel is designed for factories and warehouses where there is a requirement to reduce heat and/or glare and UV from entering via roof lights, but there is a need to maintain natural light.

Multiwall polycarbonate co-extruded dual tinted sheets are custom designed and installed to suit your buildings bespoke roof light configuration and maintain more natural light than painting panels.

The heat controlling outer layer is effective in reducing solar heat gain through the roof, whilst the attractive inner opal layer acts to provide a soft diffused natural light. Installation methods and components used ensure no damage to the existing roof or roof lights and panels can also be removed without lasting damage.

• Prevent roof light heat and glare spoiling products on high bay racking
• Reduce glare and diffuse light from roof lights to maintain safe levels of health and safety
• Maintain and manage consistent temperatures
• Reduce product fading from UV rays

Standard panel size: 1m (w) x 2m (l)
Material composite: 25mm double coated polycarbonate panel
Fixing methods: Bespoke fabricated brackets secured with bonded galvanised screws and washers (as standard one bracket per linear meter*)
*Fixings use existing holes to prevent additional building damage so brackets can be less or more than the stated standard, this is confirmed at site survey and quotation stage.
Light retention: Up to 50% (dependent upon environment)
Heat reduction: approx. 50% (dependent upon environment)
U-Value (insulation): 1.4 W/m2 K
Guarantee: 10 year panel guarantee

Will fitting Easipanel damage my existing roof or roof lights?
No, Easipanel has been specifically designed to be installed and removed without lasting damage, including using existing screw holes to fit the Easipanel brackets.

Do you charge for a site survey?
No initial site surveys are not chargeable. Final or more detailed surveys requiring additional equipment such as access equipment would be chargeable but discussed upfront.

What is the turnaround time?
As standard we can turnaround an Easipanel installation in 4-6weeks after official order. Larger or more complex jobs may have an additional lead time but this will be discussed with you upfront before placing an order.

What type of polycarbonate panel do you use for Easipanel?
We use a multiwall panel. Unlike other glazing materials, multiwall polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable and provides as much as 60% more thermal insulation than glass.