• Protect

  • Protect partitioning and structures

  • Reduce damage
    from forklift

  • Install as an integrated solution

  • Range of options
    and configurations

  • Quick-to-install system


Easiguard factory and warehouse safety crash barriers protect your facility and employees. Easiguard is an ‘add-on’ product used to create an integrated solution with our partitioning and structure systems.

Easiguard is a steel barrier protection system designed to protect walls, doors, machinery, racking and personnel from potential collisions.

A range of barrier options and configurations are available including barriers, bollards, fences, rails and gates.

Easiguard can be supplied with or without installation (ready for surface mounting or concreting in to the ground) as part of an integrated solution.

• Protect walls, doors and machinery from potential collision and fork lift damage
• Create safe pedestrian walkways to protect personnel
• Create designated work areas and site offices within factories and warehouses
• Designed and installed as part of a Flexiwall, Hoardfast or Flexistructure solution

Powder coated or hot dipped galvanised finish: our Easiguard range has multiple specifications depending on the type of product used, and can be customised dependent on your business requirements

Can barriers be used to create a safe working area?
We can design and supply a range of low level or part height barrier solutions which can be used to protect employees in designated work areas

Will the barriers stand out once installed?
We provide a powder coated range that ensures the key parts of your system are in a bright yellow, this helps to make the product stand out in any environment.

Are plastic barriers more expensive than metal barriers?
Yes, can be around double the cost depending on type of barrier.

With over 45 years’ experience, Westgate Global have rapidly delivered turnkey solutions from consultation to completion for many market-leading businesses across the UK and Europe within progressive construction and industrial sectors.

We can assist you to deliver a multi-product customised solution to meet the needs of your individual project, plus provide a range of accessories for a fully integrated solution.

Our range of practical partitioning, hoarding and structure solutions solve issues with dust, temperature, cross-contamination, fire resistance, sound reduction, additional space and much more.