Project - Safety and contamination prevention during demolition works for Northwood

Sector - General Manufacturing

Westgate Global’s Success Story with Northwood Consuma Tissue: Dust Control & Enabling Production with Flexiscreen


  • Company: Northwood Consuma Tissue
  • Location: Ellesmere Port
  • Overview: Screening off floor demolition and replacement works
  • Solution: Flexiscreen


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Northwood Consuma Tissue, known for their expertise in innovative paper products, had previously partnered with us on various projects, acknowledging our capability to create effective dust-tight seals for their facility’s dust containment requirements.


The Challenge: Northwood approached us with a challenge of preventing dust contamination resulting from concrete floor demolition and replacement within their facility. This was a crucial step in their production process, and they needed to meet the stringent requirements of their clients. A dust-tight seal was essential to ensure a clean and efficient working environment.


Our Solution: To address Northwood’s needs, we used our cutting-edge Flexiscreen temporary dust building screen product. Flexiscreen was the ideal choice due to its competitive pricing and the ability to relocate as needed. This versatile solution not only met Northwood’s dust requirements but also exceeded their expectations, providing additional sound reduction properties.


The Flexiscreen provided a remarkable 16dB sound reduction outside of the screened off area. During the concrete breaking process, this reduction in noise levels, from 93.5dB down to 77.5dB, significantly improved the welfare of factory staff, making the work environment safer and more comfortable.


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