Westgate Global join Wates Innovation Partnership to accelerate sustainable solutions in the construction industry

28 July 2023

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Westgate Global, leading provider of innovative hoarding systems, proudly announces its partnership with Wates Group through the Wates Innovation Network (WIN). This collaboration marks a step forward in driving sustainable practices within the construction industry and advancing the journey towards net-zero.


Construction has long been perceived as a risk-averse industry, often hesitant to embrace new products or be early adopters of cutting-edge innovations. Recognising the need for change and determined to connect built environment customers with market-leading sustainable solutions, Wates Group launched the Wates Innovation Network in 2021 – a pioneering, free-to-use platform designed to expedite the transition to environmentally-friendly buildings.


Through the Wates Innovation Network, Wates Group has successfully bridged the gap between end-users seeking sustainable innovations and suppliers with ground-breaking solutions but struggling to reach potential customers. This revolutionary network has sparked a wave of interest, propelling the search for innovative, eco-conscious technologies and services within the construction and fit out industry.


At the centre of this partnership lies Westgate Global’s renowned Hoardfast uPVC internal hoarding and Hoardfence external hoarding systems which save tonnes of site waste from going to landfill every year! These sustainable solutions stood out for their exceptional quality and eco-friendly reusable, relocatable and recyclable attributes.


Westgate Global’s commitment to delivering top-of-the-line sustainable hoarding systems aligns seamlessly with Wates Group’s vision to enhance environmental sustainability within the construction industry. By combining their expertise, Westgate Global and Wates Group aim to drive innovation further, accelerate the adoption of green building practices, and contribute significantly to the industry’s ambitious net-zero goals.


“We are thrilled to become a Wates Innovation Partner,” said Andrew Trevvett, Westgate Global’s business development manager. “This is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier sustainable solutions. Through this collaboration, we aim to contribute to the industry’s net-zero goals and create a greener, more sustainable construction landscape.”