Insights - Hoardfast as a cheaper alternative for site rooms as price of plasterboard soars

30 June 2023

Internal hoarding, plasterboard alternative


Due to soaring demand and raw material price rises, the cost of plasterboard has risen more than 15% this year. And that’s on top of an almost 100% rise in costs throughout 2022.


Major plasterboard manufacturers have already increased their prices by up to 17% throughout the first few months of 2023, while insulation materials are set to rise by around 10%, leaving contractors “angry and bemused.”


This comes at a time when the industry and the wider economy simply cannot afford it; recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics suggest zero growth in the construction sector, which does include labour costs data, in December 2022.


However, for those looking for a cheaper alternative to plasterboard and who would rather source materials close to home rather than abroad, Hoardfast is our highly effective replacement for both fit out, refurbishment and construction projects.


What is Hoardfast?


Our Hoardfast range presents an internal partitioning system that is easy and swift to install, featuring various panel options, support feet, and stability choices. The standard panel heights range from 1.12m to 5m, with widths from 30mm to 80mm. Additionally, you have the flexibility to opt for either free-standing or floor-to-ceiling panels, with the option of sound and fire ratings and certifications upon request.


Not only does Hoardfast offer a sleek appearance that integrates seamlessly into any setting, but it also accommodates branding and graphics as needed. Further options include doors and vision panels (windows), graphics, and installation services. Furthermore, within the range, you may purchase or hire Hoardfast Standard uPVC panels.


Plasterboard vs. Hoardfast


Plasterboard has been traditionally used to create during fit out and construction because it provides a smooth finish to decorate, is lightweight and easy to install. It’s also used as a simple solution to meet Building Regulations for fire, acoustic, moisture and thermal performance. However, Hoardfast ticks all the same boxes and more. But now, as the cost of plasterboard increases, Hoardfast is a great solution to keep construction costs down whilst maintaining high standards of quality.


If you have a project coming up and you’re looking for an alternative to plasterboard, contact us to discuss how Hoardfast can be the perfect solution for you.