Insights - Are we running out of warehouse space?

30 June 2023

Warehouse racking


With news last year that America’s biggest warehouse was running out of room, retailers had been left holding unwanted goods and were facing the choice of paying more money to store them or denting profits by selling them at a discount. And the problem wasn’t isolated solely to the US.


Many companies here in the UK and across Europe, purchased excess stock in the wake of both Brexit and the COVID pandemic in the hope they could get ahead of demand. However, due to the global energy crisis and subsequent recession, companies are now seeing consumers tightening their belts and more recently there’s been a real downward turn in sales. Many, much like the US’s largest warehouse, are now left with this excess stock and are running out of room. In fact, the UK is facing one of the biggest warehouse space shortages it has seen in decades.


Just last year, experts warned that the UK would run out of warehouse space within 12 months and right on time, it seems to have come to fruition. Earlier this year, research showed that the shortage of available warehouse space is hitting businesses in Slough harder than anywhere else but there are a number of other UK cities who are also severely struggling.


Half way through the year, with Black Friday sales and Christmas approaching, the squeeze on space is only going to get tighter – so what can be done?


Maximising your existing warehouse space

With the shortage of warehouse space available in the UK and around the world, it’s clear that as warehouse operators and logistics leaders, you need to maximise what you do have at your disposal. Any spare warehouse space that becomes available will likely be extremely costly and to avoid additional rental costs – we have solutions.

There are a number of ways to maximise storage efficiency within your warehouse but one of the most effective ways we’ve helped warehouses make the most out of their space is through Flexiwall.


A flexible partitioning solution

Flexiwall is a unique partitioning solution made up from reinforced fire-rated PVC and glass cloth panels. The final partition takes up minimal floor space – just a few millimetres in fact – due to the materials and installation methods used, meaning no load width is required at the base, and can even be installed between existing racking. It can be designed to fit any size and shape of building and will easily install around existing ducts and pipework. Flexiwall can be reconfigured and relocated should the requirements within the space change, making it a completely convenient and flexible storage solution that helps you maximise space within your existing warehouse. If your current facility still isn’t big enough, we can also create an additional external structure to provide extra storage.


Create additional usable space externally

Flexistructure, Westgate’s temporary building or canopy solution, is designed and installed bespoke or from modular design, delivering quick, semi-permanent space. Ideal for additional storage space or manufacturing units, canopies for employee welfare and weather protection, or for creating airlocks and loading bays. Our temporary building structures come with either coated PVC fabric, single layer steel clad or insulated panel sides. Roofs are also PVC coated fabric and can be air filled for additional insulation. Working with Westgate you benefit from an integrated solution, with optional fast action doorscrash barriersinternal partitioning and external curtains, all designed, supplied and installed by us.


In order to maximise or increase storage space, contact Westgate Global to find out more about Flexiwall and Flexistructure