Project - Flexiwall for mezzanine storage dust protection at Allport Cargo Services

Sector - Warehouse & Logistics
  • Company: Allport Cargo Services
  • Location: Southall nr. Heathrow
  • Overview: Mezzanine goods storage segregation and dust control
  • Solution: Flexiwall


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Allport Cargo Services, situated in Southall near Heathrow Airport, had just gained a brand new contract for the storage of high quality goods, which they were looking to store on an available mezzanine floor. Allport wanted to ensure that it was impossible for dust to get onto the items that they were holding in storage for their new client. Having already had a similar partition installation five years earlier, Allport re-engaged with Westgate Global, knowing they could trust the product to fulfil the requirements of the job and receive the usual excellent service provided by Westgate Global’s experienced team.


“This is the second time Westgate have provided the ideal solution for our needs; to control dust in storage areas. Not only is the Flexiwall product of excellent quality, but the Westgate standard of installation and service is second to none. Westgate have been, and will continue to be, first in mind when it comes to partitioning solutions at Allport.”


As per the previous job five years ago, Flexiwall was again the required solution. Given the location of the existing wall, it made cost effective sense for Allport to expand the original Flexiwall incorporating the newly required storage area. This is a unique benefit of the Flexiwall solution: it is adaptable to change and perfect for a warehouse environment where contracts and product storage requirements can change regularly.


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Flexiwall is very lightweight, meaning that there was no need to be concerned about additional weight load on the mezzanine floor. Flexiwall takes up surprisingly little floor space, leaving more room for storage capability and can be easily installed around penetrations, making installing a dust tight seal considerably simpler and giving Flexiwall its guaranteed over 99% dust tight seal.

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