Protective dust containment machine enclosure for Wienerberger

Sector - General Manufacturing Projects
  • Company: Wienerberger
  • Location: Dosthill, Tamworth
  • Overview: Dust control enclosure around machine
  • Solution: Flexiwall

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Wienerberger, the leading global manufacturer of bricks, clay blocks and clay roof tiles, wanted to address a health and safety challenge at their Dosthill factory. Although the dust levels within the clay production area are below the legal limits, Wienerberger are continuously seeking ways to reduce dust levels to as close as possible to zero to improve the working conditions. This is where our innovative Flexiwall partitioning system came into play.


Our Flexiwall solution was specifically implemented to enclose a high-dust-producing machine, ensuring that the dust remains confined within its designated area.


For Wienerberger, we designed and installed a 3-sided enclosure, varying from 6 to 10 metres wide and 6 to 9  metres high. To ensure accessibility, we incorporated three Flexistrip PVC curtain access points within the structure.


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What sets Flexiwall apart from other partitioning solutions, is its versatility, quick installation, and minimal floor space requirements. It can be custom designed to fit any size and shape of building and can effortlessly adapt around ducts and pipework. Equipped with a unique v-overlap system, it forms a dust-tight seal for optimal containment.


To quantify the effectiveness of our solution, measurements were taken both inside and outside the enclosure. The results were remarkable, showcasing an impressive reduction in the concentration of dust particulates (ranging from PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 4.5, PM 10 up to 50 micron diameter) by a factor of 11. The levels stand at 220 units per ton of material processed inside the enclosure, but it drops to a mere 20 units outside. As a result, not only is the risk to employees significantly reduced, but also the cleaning requirements outside the enclosure have been minimised.