Flexiwall provides waste contamination and dust control for W&S Recycling

Sector - Warehouse & Logistics Projects
  • Company: W&S Recycling
  • Location: Poole
  • Overview: Waste segregation and dust control
  • Solution: Flexiwall



W&S Recycling, a prominent waste management company, collaborated with Westgate Global to implement a cutting-edge solution for their waste segregation and dust control needs.


W&S Recycling specialises in the collection, processing, and recycling of various types of waste materials. As part of their commitment to environmental sustainability and compliance with stringent regulations, the company recognised the need to segregate hazardous waste and minimise the dispersion of dust particles within their facility. To address these concerns, they sought the expertise of Westgate Global, renowned for their innovative Flexiwall partitioning system.


The project involved the installation of a Flexiwall partition wall measuring 40 metres in width and 10 to 15 metres in height. The partition was fitted from the ceiling down to a 4-metre high lego block bund wall.