Project - Spencer Group & East Midlands Trains

27 July 2023
  • Company: Spencer Group on behalf of East Midlands Trains
  • Location: Derby
  • Overview: Smoke curtain for fume containment
  • Solution: Flexiwall smoke curtain


Flexiwall smoke curtain


Westgate Global recently collaborated with Spencer Group on behalf of East Midlands Trains. The challenge was the need for a permanent solution to effectively contain and restrict the flow of rising diesel fumes from roof mounted train exhausts, emitted during train maintenance and servicing operations. Leveraging their expertise, Westgate Global delivered a tailor-made solution utilising the innovative Flexiwall fabric partitioning system.


Fumes not only pose health risks and discomfort to employees, but also the potential to permeate throughout the facility, causing a sooty environment and affecting the overall air quality. Spencer Group sought a permanent solution that would effectively capture the harmful diesel fumes, ensuring a compliant, cleaner and safer working environment for East Midlands Trains.

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