Project - Flexiscreen for dust protection during flooring works for Marston's Brewery

Sector - Food & Beverage
  • Company: Kemtile at Marston’s Brewery
  • Location: Burton upon Trent
  • Overview: Keep production moving while works are carried out
  • Solution: Flexiscreen


J48 WFD Case Study Marstons Web v3


Marston’s Brewery appointed Kemtile to replace flooring and drainage underneath one of the brewery’s bottling plants. However, it was essential for Kemtile to keep the rest of the brewery operational while these essential works were being carried out.


Marston’s Kemtile approached Westgate Global, as the market leader in designing, supplying and installing temporary dust and building screens which sit between construction and production areas to prevent dust. Two key openings within the production area needed to be sealed.


On one opening in particular, the design and installation of the screen was made more complex by a number of conveyors and ducting that were in place, which restricted access for the initial installation. The later stages of the project also required the screen to be versatile enough to be resealed as these penetrations were removed, maintaining the dust tight seal between the two areas.


“The ability to keep production moving whilst important construction works are in progress is paramount… with Flexiscreen, Westgate Global ensured we could achieve this.”


J48 WFD Case Study Marstons Web v2


As with all major projects, on occasions access was required for plant and machinery. This was helped by an existing opening in a permanent wall, but the opening also required a dust tight seal when not in use, something that Westgate Global are used to assisting with. Westgate Global designed an additional Flexicurtain as part of the overall Flexiscreen solution. This was installed across the opening, with the inclusion of a steel track, enabling the curtain to be opened and closed as necessary.


The curtain was fixed and completely sealed down one side, turn staples could then be used in order to hold it completely closed. Westgate Global also provided emergency exit access panels through both the curtain and screen.

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