Mace use Hoardfast Firescreen for crane protection

Sector - Commercial & Residential New Builds Projects
  • Company: Mace
  • Location: 40 Leadenhall Street, London
  • Overview: Corridor walling and crane hoarding for employee protection
  • Solution: Hoardfast Firescreen

Hoardfast Firescreen used for corridor walling and employee protection


Westgate Global have worked with Mace, known as global experts in shaping the built environment, on numerous occasions, and with an excellent track record, we were consulted again for the construction project at 40 Leadenhall Street, London.

Mace needed a quick install, 60-minute fire-rated solution for the project. We provided and installed 230 linear metres of Hoardfast Firescreen, to form corridors leading to welfare facilities and crane protection, keeping workers safe and the site secure.