Project - Getrag Ford Transmissions divide manufacturing plant with Flexiwall

Sector - Automotive & Aerospace
  • Company: Getrag Ford Transmissions
  • Location: Halewood, Liverpool
  • Overview: Divide manufacturing plant; close off unused space and reduce carbon footprint
  • Solution: Flexiwall


J68 WFD Case Study Flexiwall Getrag Ford Web 2


Westgate Global were asked by Getrag Ford Transmissions to provide a partition solution to divide off a large redundant area within their open plan manufacturing plant. This would reduce the energy usage for heating and lighting and have a positive impact on their carbon footprint.


Due to the numerous high-level services/penetrations and the active and clean nature of the surrounding gearbox production line, a conventional rigid partition system would have been too disruptive to build, too permanent and too expensive. Furthermore, future take down would be even more disruptive with disposal implications.


Getrag Ford Transmissions came to Westgate Global upon recommendation and as we are a first tier contractor on their supplier database. The Flexiwall partitioning system was chosen as the best solution for the situation.


J68 WFD Case Study Flexiwall Getrag Ford Web 1


The overall size of the wall installed was nearly half a kilometre long x 7.5m tall in 11 interconnected runs. Two Flexicurtain access points with lock facility were also included.


Flexiwall is made up of flexible, reinforced PVC material and can be rapidly installed with very little dust. Its ability to absorb impact and the way large sections can be temporarily released makes this the No.1 solution for partitioning in factories/manufacturing plants. Extra doorways can be added when required and when the wall is no longer needed, it is quick and simple to take down and relocate or compacted to store/dispose of. New services can easily be inserted through if necessary.


The majority of this wall was made using a translucent material which effectively screened and protected the area whilst still allowing light penetration. An added benefit is that this will also act as a dust screen later on when a new production line is put in. This would involve replacing the floor, screed etc making the screen essential. Ford have checked and approved the fire and toxicological ratings for this material.

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