Exwold Technology's production area contamination control project

Sector - Pharmaceutical Projects
  • Company: Exwold Technology
  • Location: Hartlepool
  • Overview: Production area contamination control
  • Solution: Flexiwall

Flexiwall for contamination control


Flexiwall joined with unique v-overlap system


Exwold Technology Ltd are a chemical processing company founded in 1993, with five sites across the North East of England. They required a solution for a new production area, to ensure different chemicals are kept safely separated and the risk of contamination reduced.


Westgate Global’s Flexiwall was the ideal solution, not only providing a physical barrier to prevent cross contamination, it is also far quicker and cleaner to install than a traditional partition, meaning less downtime. Flexiwall panels easily install around ducts and pipework and are assembled on-site using our unique v-overlap system. The partition is suspended to the existing structure or additional fabricated steelwork, and tensioned to the floor, for a dust-tight seal. It is also space-saving, only taking up millimetres of floor space once installed.