Project - Contamination control for food manufacturing with Birds Eye

Sector - Food & Beverage
  • Company: Birds Eye
  • Location: Lowestoft
  • Overview: Enclosure to avoid contamination of adjacent production areas, whilst building works are in progress
  • Solution: Flexiscreen


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For over 60 years, Birds Eye have been offering a vast range of quality frozen food products that make it easier for people to prepare simple but healthy meals at home. Westgate Global have developed a great working relationship with this renowned and highly recognised brand, delivering multiple partitioning projects over the years. In this most recent project, Birds Eye were tasked with carrying out some works to an existing process area at their factory in Lowestoft. This involved removing some existing masonry walls and installing new walls and doors. All of this needed to be achieved without contaminating the existing process plant.


“Having worked with Westgate previously, it was no surprise that their Flexiscreen dust screen and expertise were ideal for our requirements. The screen did exactly what we needed it to do and offered us robust protection against contamination control during refurbishment works.”


Due to the strong relationship with Birds Eye, Westgate Global were asked to facilitate a solution. Flexiscreen was recommended for a number of reasons, with the first of those being specific to this project: Flexiscreen can be easily installed at an angle, which is a very big advantage over conventional temporary screening methods. This meant that the final screen could be hung from the ceiling and then slope out by 1.5 meters before being battened to the floor, enabling Birds Eye to screen off the exact area requiring the works, without taking up lots of existing floor space.


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Flexiscreen’s ability to fit seamlessly floor to ceiling without gaps and its panels that connect using a V-overlap system (creating an over 99% dust tight seal) added to the reasons that Flexiscreen was the ideal screening solution for this project and building works within the food manufacturing sector.

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